Women Graduates are trained with basics in Industry application from basic science Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Training in application Software by Industry Professional, to train others with preparation as TRAINER to empower.


Women graduate are given training for the selected department in application software for 3 months to become TRAINER
While training, Trainee has to prepare Training material as per LMS, Stipend will be provided on completion of  assigned
First year to Final year Women graduate also given training for the selected department in application software, Stipend will be provided on completion of  assigned as per year. CERTIFICATE will be provided to become a TRAINER in LMS

AIM of this training is to get employment directly or indirectly from Industries, Government organization either state or central bodies. Also to develop or support rural industries & other application industries either as induvial or self group


Geometric modeling module with finite element analysis tools


APM Studio is designed for simulation and strength analysis of various structures, as well as analysis of liquid and gas flows. The module has a set of necessary proprietary tools to perform all stages of problem solving.

APM Studio allows you to:

  • create spatial models using 3D geometric modeling tools;
  • import geometry from third-party 3D editors;
  • export geometry to third-party 3D editors.

Finite element mesh generation is carried out in automatic and semi-automatic modes. Preparing a model for calculation includes tools for setting materials with characteristic properties and parameters, boundary and initial conditions, and their visualization on a geometric model.

The calculations are based on the use of various mathematical models that numerically (by the finite element method) describe the corresponding physics of the processes. As a result, the user receives a visualization of the analysis results in the form of contour and vector static maps, as well as animations of scalar and vector fields of characteristics, with the possibility of generating text documents in the form of express reports.

Boundary and initial conditions for the analysis of flows of liquids and gases:

  • pressure, initial pressure;
  • speed, initial speed;
  • consumption;
  • acceleration;
  • turbulence;
  • temperature, initial temperature;
  • heat flow;
  • thermal convection;
  • thermal radiation;
  • volume fraction;
  • speed potential.


With APM Studio you can do:

  • linear analysis of SSS of solids;
  • nonlinear analysis of SSS of solids, including geometric and physical nonlinearities, large deformations, and contact interaction;
  • analysis of frequencies and modes of natural oscillations of solid bodies;
  • stability analysis of solids;
  • high-cycle fatigue of solids;
  • analysis of thermal conductivity of solids in stationary / non-stationary formulations;
  • analysis of flow filtration through an orthotropic porous medium in stationary / non-stationary settings;
  • analysis of Stokes flows in stationary / non-stationary, isothermal / thermal, single-phase / two-phase formulations;
  • analysis of Navier-Stokes flows in stationary, isothermal / thermal, laminar / turbulent settings.

It is also possible to simulate a number of multiphysics problems:

  • thermal conductivity analysis and SSS analysis of solids;
  • one-sided conjugate analysis of flows and solids, including conjugate analysis of heat transfer processes.

To solve a larger range of tasks, it is supported to export the calculation model to the APM Structure3D module.

Boundary and initial conditions for the analysis of thermal conductivity of solids:

  • temperature, initial temperature;
  • heat flux to the body or surface;
  • volumetric heat source, thermal point mass;
  • fluid velocity;
  • convection;
  • radiation.

Calculation results

The main results of calculations for solids are the fields of: displacements, stresses, strains, internal force factors, temperatures, heat fluxes, etc.

The main results of the analysis of flows can be fields: pressures, velocities, turbulent characteristics, temperatures, heat fluxes, etc.


APM Studio

The APM Studio module is included in the software products APM Multiphysics , APM WinMachine , APM Civil Engineering , APM StructFEM , APM FGA .


Options and settings when creating a grid:

  • triangular/quadrangular first-order flat elements;
  • tetrahedra of the first / second order;
  • step constant / variable / adaptive;
  • condensation / rarefaction in the volume / on the surface;
  • preliminary splitting of a part / face / edge;
  • semi-automatic "adjustment" of the grid;
  • group partition;
  • joint grid.

To form links in assemblies, the following are provided:

  • contacts: rigid, sliding, gluing, beam, etc.;
  • connections: rigid, spherical joint, etc.

Loads for SSS Analysis of Solids:

  • pressure, hydrostatic pressure;
  • force concentrated, distributed over area / length, remote force;
  • moment distributed over area / length;
  • linear / angular acceleration;
  • concentrated mass.

Fixings for SSS analysis of solids:

  • rigid in Cartesian coordinates;
  • rigid in cylindrical coordinates;
  • rigid along the normal;
  • elastic.

Processor (solver) capabilities:

  • numerical methods are implemented taking into account arbitrary geometry, with arbitrary physical properties of materials and boundary conditions;
  • methods for solving SLAE are implemented in the form of both direct and iterative procedures;
  • implemented numerical methods using parallel computing technologies;
  • the possibility of solving problems with a dimension of more than 10 million degrees of freedom is supported;
  • different settings and options for each of the supported analysis types.