Women Graduates are trained with basics in Industry application from basic science Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Training in application Software by Industry Professional, to train others with preparation as TRAINER to empower.


Women graduate are given training for the selected department in application software for 3 months to become TRAINER
While training, Trainee has to prepare Training material as per LMS, Stipend will be provided on completion of  assigned
First year to Final year Women graduate also given training for the selected department in application software, Stipend will be provided on completion of  assigned as per year. CERTIFICATE will be provided to become a TRAINER in LMS

AIM of this training is to get employment directly or indirectly from Industries, Government organization either state or central bodies. Also to develop or support rural industries & other application industries either as induvial or self group



Elastic elements are highly compliant parts that accumulate deformation energy and either use it in actuators or dissipate it in dampers or shock absorbers. Elastic elements are made of special steels and alloys, and in some cases - of non-metallic materials. The most common metal elastic elements are springs.

Creation of working drawings

After performing the design and verification calculations, it is possible to generate a drawing, which can later be used in the APM Graph graphic module or other graphic editors that support the DXF format.


Functionality of APM Spring

The APM Spring module is designed for comprehensive calculation and design of elastic metal elements of machines. It allows you to perform a design and verification calculation of these objects, as well as a calculation in accordance with GOST, and obtain drawings of the calculated parts. Design calculation is understood as the determination of the geometric dimensions of elastic elements from known values ​​of external forces and deformations. The verification calculation makes it possible to estimate the safety margins of elastic elements depending on their geometric dimensions. When choosing a calculation according to GOST, the program selects several variants of standard springs according to the established methodology that correspond to the initial data.

Using APM Spring allows you to fully automate the design of elastic elements and significantly reduce the time for selecting these elements.

Calculation methods

Calculations are performed under the action of both constant and time-varying loads. The main ones are calculations for static strength under constant load and endurance under variable loading. Design and verification calculations are carried out by analytical methods of the strength of materials.

In more complex cases of loading and fastening, springs can be calculated by the finite element method, but for this you need to use other modules of the APM WinMachine system , such as APM Structure3D or APM Studio . With the help of these modules, it is possible to calculate the strength, stiffness, stability and dynamics of a spring under arbitrary loading and fastening.

Types of elastic elements of machines

The APM Spring module provides for the design of the following types of elastic elements of machines:

  • cylindrical extension springs of round and square cross sections;
  • cylindrical compression springs of round and square cross sections;
  • cylindrical torsion springs of round and square cross sections;
  • disc compression springs;
  • flat rectangular springs;
  • torsion bars;
  • leaf springs.