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Training in application Software by Industry Professional, to train others with preparation as TRAINER to empower.


AIM of this training is to get employment directly or indirectly from Industries, Government organization either state or central bodies. Also to develop or support rural industries & other application industries either as induvial or self group


The system implements an open source business logic code. It is a platform for the development of automated management of the production of complex products at enterprises in accordance with their specifics

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Technical support and training service:

GULF STREAM Automated production control system

The system provides the following opportunities for information automated support of management processes:

Production Order Portfolio Management

  • Accounting for applications for the manufacture of products
  • Preliminary assessment of the production load for the execution of the application
  • Maintaining a portfolio of orders for production in relation to contracts
  • Formation and control of the main production program of the enterprise for the planned period
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of the production program for critical resources
  • Formation of production specifications for each position of the production order
  • Accounting for completed orders and shipments of products to customers

Analysis of production needs in resources

  • Estimation of gross and net requirements for materials (main, auxiliary)
  • Assessment of needs for technological equipment
  • Assessment of the needs for PKI and components manufactured for the warehouse.
  • Assessment of needs for production facilities and personnel

Management of purchases of materials and equipment for production

  • Formation of purchase requisitions based on the results of needs analysis
  • Generating requisitions for the purchase of items for which the safety stock in the warehouse is standardized
  • Formation of purchase orders
  • Formation of nomenclature purchase plans
  • Control of procurement plans and budgets for the purchase of materials and equipment for the main production

Operational scheduling of production

  • Calculation of dates for the launch and manufacture of batches of DSE according to various algorithms, incl. shift plans for the execution of work, taking into account the loading of work centers (equipment)
  • Formation of interrelated nomenclature launch / release plans for the divisions of the main production.
  • Interactive analysis of the planned load of departments by work centers.
  • Formation of reporting on the execution of nomenclature plans.

Accounting / control of work in production units

  • Separation of batches of DSE in production
  • Transferring production/use of a lot of DSE from one order to another
  • Operational launch of batches of DSE to restore production needs due to identified inconsistencies (correctable and uncorrectable)
  • Accounting for the manufacture of serialized parts/assemblies and their use in the composition of serialized items
  • Operational control of the progress of the production of batches of DSE and the performance of work in any sections
  • Monitoring the implementation of the nomenclature plans of divisions and plans for the release of finished products
  • Monitoring of scarce (overdue) positions for picking assembly units

Accounting for inventories (IPZ)

  • Formation of income and expenditure documents for each warehouse division of the enterprise
  • Accounting for the availability of stock items in each warehouse division of the enterprise using various accounting methods
  • Accounting for the content of precious metals in the MPZ nomenclature
  • Address accounting of the movement/storage of inventory items in each warehouse unit
  • Control of the issuance of materials and equipment to production based on LZK and requirements
  • Accounting for finished products in storage areas
  • Operational control of turnovers and balances of the inventory inventory for each warehouse unit in various sections

Production order execution control

  • Operational control of the readiness of orders for production with any detail
  • Presentation of consolidated management information on the status of orders in production in various sections

Accounting for direct production costs

  • Cost accounting for materials and purchased components
  • Accounting for the cost of work performed by batches of DSE
  • Cost accounting for processing services (cooperation)
  • Order accounting of direct costs in accordance with Federal Law No. 275-FZ

Technical and economic analysis of production

  • Formation of planned product cost estimates for each order
  • Formation of actual cost estimates for a group of direct cost items to estimate the average cost of a product in each completed order
  • Plan-fact analysis of cost calculations

Integrates with:
ASCON - Integration Solutions
Product website:

GULFSTREAM automated production control system

Technical information

System requirements:
Windows XP SP3 (Professional Edition), Windows Vista SP2 (Business Edition, Business Edition x64, Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Edition x64), Windows 7 SP1 (Professional Edition, Professional Edition x64, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition x64, Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Edition x64), Windows 8 (Professional Edition, Professional Edition x64, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition x64)
Required software:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1 or higher) or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP2 or higher) or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1