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Training in application Software by Industry Professional, to train others with preparation as TRAINER to empower.


Women graduate are given training for the selected department in application software for 3 months to become TRAINER
While training, Trainee has to prepare Training material as per LMS, Stipend will be provided on completion of  assigned
First year to Final year Women graduate also given training for the selected department in application software, Stipend will be provided on completion of  assigned as per year. CERTIFICATE will be provided to become a TRAINER in LMS

AIM of this training is to get employment directly or indirectly from Industries, Government organization either state or central bodies. Also to develop or support rural industries & other application industries either as induvial or self group

APM TRANS for calculation and design of mechanical gears of rotation


Rotary gears are designed to transmit rotational motion over a distance and transform the mechanical characteristics of this motion.


The APM Trans module allows you to perform the whole range of design and verification calculations of gears, make the choice of the most rational parameters for these gears, as well as obtain working drawings of the driving and driven wheels, pulleys, sprockets, etc. The calculation of gears is performed in accordance with the currently valid GOST Russian Federation and regulatory documents of a number of foreign countries.

APM Trans is integrated into the APM WinMachine system , but can function as a standalone software product.

User Manual - APM Trans.

Types of calculations

  • Design, when given loads, kinematic parameters, materials, operating time and loading modes, the main geometric dimensions and all other transmission parameters are determined.
  • Constrained design when it is necessary to design the transmission for a number of fixed output parameters.
  • Checking on the moment, when the moment transmitted by the transmission is determined by the given geometric parameters.
  • Testing for durability, when the transmission durability is calculated according to the given geometric parameters.
  • Verification geometric, in which the rest are determined by a number of geometric parameters that are considered given.

Calculation criteria

  • Engagement gears are designed based on ensuring fatigue strength in terms of contact stresses and bending stresses.
  • Plastic wheels are designed for wear resistance by bending analysis.
  • Chain drives are designed according to the criterion of wear resistance and static strength.
  • Belt drives are calculated based on the load capacity.

Functionality of APM Trans

Gear Design and Verification CalculationsThe APM Trans module is designed to perform design and verification calculations for the most common types of gears in order to select the best design options.

This is provided:

  • the presence of functions for specifying an arbitrary type of loading or selecting a typical loading from the database;
  • Gear calculationusing customized databases of materials, tolerances, parameters of the original contour and other standard parameters when setting the initial data and during the calculation;
  • the ability to configure the APM Trans module to the required standards;
  • generating reports in RTF format;
  • the ability to save text information of the calculation results to RTF, INI, XLS files, and graphic information to AGR files (the format of the APM Graph graphic editor included in the APM WinMachine system ), DXF and SolidEdge (.par).

Involute gears:

  • cylindrical with a straight tooth of external and internal gearing;
  • cylindrical with an oblique tooth (external gearing and chevron);
  • conical orthogonal with a straight tooth (equidisplaced and not equidisplaced);
  • plastic cylindrical with a straight tooth (external and internal gearing);
  • conical with circular teeth for three known shapes;
  • worm: with Archimedean, involute and convolute worm; with a worm formed by a torus and cone surface, etc.

Transfers by flexible connection:

  • belt: with a flat belt, with V-belts and V-ribbed belts, with a toothed belt;
  • chain of various types and modifications.

Tasks to be solved

As a result of the calculation of gears by engagement for an arbitrarily given initial contour, one can obtain:

  • geometric dimensions of the transmission for given loads and durability;
  • all necessary geometric transmission parameters;
  • engagement forces;
  • values ​​of effective contact stresses and bending stresses;
  • values ​​of allowable fatigue contact stresses and bending stresses;
  • control parameters for all known transmission options;
  • engagement quality parameters;
  • tolerances of the main linear dimensions of the gearing and transmission parts as a whole;
  • the value and tolerance of the side clearance and other accuracy parameters;
  • run-in involute tooth shape to control sharpening/undercutting;
  • simulation of the wheel engagement process to check the absence of interference;
  • automatically generated drawings of engagement details.

The result of the calculation of transfers by flexible connection are:

  • geometric dimensions of pulleys and sprockets;
  • loads operating in the operating mode of transmission;
  • automatically generated drawings of pulleys and sprockets.

To solve the problem of designing mechanical rotation transmissions in full, in addition to the APM Trans module, it is recommended to use:

APM Graph - a flat drawing and graphic editor with a tool for calculating dimensional chains;

APM Base - a module for creating and editing databases;

APM MechanicalData - a database of standard parts and assemblies, reference data on general mechanical engineering;

APM MaterialData - database of material parameters